Thassos Island

After we climbed the Peak of Gods – Olympus we headed for the island of Thassos. The distance was big.

We went through Meteora – rock band monasteries complex built in some rock. In Bulgarian language we called this “skalni manastiri”. But at the moment I drank some beers and will translate this like 🙂 Rock-Monasteries, but this can not be the right translation – I imagine monks with guitars…

In the village before the monastery complexes showed us how to make icons – with gold and all the goodies there.

The next stop was the Spring of Aphrodite. I do not know exactly where it is. I guess at the road between Kavala and Meteora, but as far as I know there is another Spring of Aphrodite … anything mention it with the island of Santorini, but may be wrong. We drank water and wash to make forever young and beautiful, and continued there.

The next day we headed to the port of Kavala. Find a little time to look around the city. There were some ruins, preserved Aqueduct, the church and in general with this tour we run out.

It was first time I boarded the ferry. It is not shake in the sea, and have a top floor from which to look around.

For sightsee of Thassos we had little time. Some drank a beer, others walked. There were many Bulgarians at the island.

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